Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Drawings

I've recently become very obsessed with my moleskine sketchbook, all 3.5 in by 5.5 in of it. All of these drawings were done on the go, with the same rolling ball pen (another obsession). It's these kinds of drawings that become a lot like a diary. I needed some more drawing from life in my life, so I drew the guts of the red pepper I cut up for chili, which led to a pepper-seed-faced lady (below the pepper drawings)...and so it goes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The New Frontier: Ballpoint Pen

It might just be the satisfaction of ink staining all of my fingers, or perhaps the paper, which is smooth as buttah. I can't say for sure, but I do know I have officially fallen for the ballpoint pen. My new favorite is Bic Ultra Round Stick Grip. Oh yeah.
On some of these, the ink hasn't scanned fabulously, but here they are.

Ballpoint pen on tinted paper

Ballpoint pen on tinted paper

Ballpoint pen on tinted paper

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hamletmachine parte dos

Here are some more Hamletmachine drawings. Still musing about this specific passage, spoken by Hamlet in "Hamletmachine" by Heiner Muller. All are ballpoint pen on scrap paper.

My mother the bride

 Her breasts a bed of roses

Her womb a nest of snakes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More drawings from the archives of the PRTC

I found this stack of drawings in a box of things I had with me in Chelsea during my time at the Purple Rose (2011). They were accompanied by a piece of paper on which I wrote a favorite quote:

"An actor struggles to die onstage, but a puppet has to struggle to live, and in a way that's a metaphor for life."

-Adrian Kohler, co-founder of Handspring Puppet Company, during his TED talk with co-founder Basil Jones

A sentiment a theater artisan could live on, I think.

The last three drawings were sketchbook images for our self-written Apprentice production in August 2011, Dark Night. We actually built a version of the shoes I drew in the last image for the show, and the lovely Katie Mack wore them in performance.

From the archives of the PRTC Fatbook

I have been cleaning out and purging my possessions, and I came across a 3"x5" fatbook I used as a crew member while I was an Apprentice at the Purple Rose in Chelsea, MI. Along with my notes for each show, there are also quite a few drawings in this wee notebook (you can tell it's from work by the lists about stockings and hairspray accompanying the drawings). They are all the product of my brain; I don't think any of these are drawn from life.

Almost all the drawings are in ballpoint pen of varying colors, and they are all from January-June 2011.

These lovely, deadly ladies are wielding saws-alls, a super cool tool I used with the rest of the crew while extracting various bits and pieces from the Screw Works factory building in Chelsea to use in the set of "Consider the Oyster" in June 2011.